It’s always time put the Local 100 members first and engage them on a professional level. I am appalled at the treatment I hear our members  endure on a regular basis from the Officers, agents and trustees of Teamsters Local 100.

I Daniel Matthews, will continue to be your “Bulldog” and fight the current Local 100 officers, agents and trustees as they run our local into desolation and I will do my best to stop them.

I have attended a majority of the the membership meetings this year with the exception of one.  I witnessed the lack of participation from the general membership and I believe this is an orchestrated action by the Local 100  Officers. The Officers and Executive board are well aware of the memberships work schedules and know we all have lives to participate in. I ask then, why have meetings on the first Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm when they are well aware that most of the membership is either still working or just getting home from long day.

It is my belief that the Local 100 officers could hold meetings at a more convenient time for the membership to promote participation. As a declared candidate for the 2019 Local 100 Officers, Agents and trustees election, I and the Local 100 members first slate will have a business plan for our Local that will engage the membership and rebuild our Union.

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Daniel R Matthews “Bulldog”